Flak Net | Private connection



With Flak Net you can create a secure virtual network without any specific knowledge and absolutely for free




Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create an encrypted network (or tunnel) in Internet. VPN will be created and managed only by Flak Secuter's user. All the traffic will be protected and would not be accessible by Internet provider or a hacker. 

Thanks to  FlakNet the Flak users can create a secure virtual network on their computers or mobile devices without any specific knowledge. All you would need to do is to enter the FlakID of the Flak Secuter you are connecting to the network with and confirm the pairing of the devices. You can create a virtual network based on any existing/working internet connections (cable, WiFi, etc). Flak Secuter will automatically select the existing connection and configure all the VPN settings. FlakNET Synching server then will compare the FlakIDs and the IP addresses of the connecting and the already connected Flak Secuters and establish a VPN connection.  Open source software OpenVPN is used for esablishing a connection and the management of the VPN network.




Flak Secuter is an ideal device for a small and medium sized business who wants to keep the company's secrets and and avoid any information leakage. To keep your business going, you need to stay connected with your co-workers all the time. With the help of Flak Secuter and Flak Net you can get a secure access to your main office from anywhere. Connect from your laptop while on public Wifi, from your home PC, while at the competitors office - Flak Secuter would make the connection secure and encrypt all the traffic. 




  • All traffic between Flak Secuters is encrypted
  • Simple ON/OFF button on Flak Web for establishing VPN function
  • On Mobile devices connection done via NFC