FlakStream | Free antivirus

FlakStream is traffic scanning and analysis in real-time mode directly on Flak Secuter



Thanks to FlakStream technology, Flak Secuter filters all the incoming and outgoing IP packets based on the specified keys, criteria and URL address values. Usage of FlakStream allows to implement such functions, as stream-based antivirus, firewall, parental control, data leakage prevention. All the incoming and outgoing IP traffic is redirected to the Flak Secuter for scanning and filtering by Flak engine and dedicated hardware accelerators. In case of potential or real threat, Flak Secuter blocks the infected object and informs the user.


  • All filtering is done directly on the Flak, PC's performance is not affected
  • Threats, viruses and malware are blocked before they get to the PC
  • Free stream-based antivirus