How to Manage Certificates

Manage Certificates

We assume that you have already did go through the installation of Flak on PC/Laptop and installed a certificate.

Note: full functionality of Flak, including LogMe function, is not available for Mac OS devices yet.

1. Insert your Flak into the USB port.

Inserting Flak


2. Open the web browser (there are no limitations for Web browsers, except for Internet Explorer, only versions 9.0 and newer are supported)

3. Type in the browser and press Enter.Login screen

4. Type your PIN code.

5. The Flak Web interface would appear.  Flak Web6. Click on Easy Login, Certificates.

7. You would be taken to Certificates management page



EasyLogin Certificates


Select the certificate you do not need anymore and press Delete. Follow the instructions on the screen.

8. For the advanced management of the web server certificates go back to Easy Login and click on Servers.

EasyLogin Server Certificates 1

In this section your can tie the certificates to the servers and delete the Servers. Note: if you have previously selected No for for Tapping the Flak for authentication and you want to use Yes, then delete the Server and do the process again, this time selecting Yes in the Tap Flak to authenticate list.


NOTE: Flak Secuter is designed so that you can only add and delete the certificates to Flak, it is not possible to extract/copy the certificates from Flak's secure memory to the disk. That's why we advise to keep a backup copy of the certificates in the secured location.


Flak Installation and Flak User Guides are available on your Flak drive under the folder Manuals and also available online here.